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Mum's Story

How we discovered Sang Hwang and the Amazing Grace team

Serena, our mum was diagnosed in May 2014 with stage 2 Nasopharyngeal Cancer, aka nose cancer. Mum was the pinnacle of health: in 2013 she finished her first ever olympic distance triathlon and was a regular exerciser, never touched alcohol cigarettes or other substances. Serena lit up any room she walked into with her energy, compassion for others and bright smile,

and was the rock of our household as we moved across many countries and settled into new cultures and schools.

Mum's brother, our only known relative on her side and just the sweetest uncle to us as children, passed away from aggressive nasal cancer in 1994 in his early 40s. Given Serena's diagnosis and family history she was advised to quickly to start radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Over 3 months, Serena underwent 33 rounds of radiotherapy and finished 6 rounds of chemotherapy.

Post treatment, she was a shadow of her former self. Skin and bone, constantly tired, achy, nauseous, no saliva production, brittle teeth, constantly bleeding gums, headaches and constipation. Yes, the tumor had shrunk, but in the process, the scattergun of chemotheraphy had decimated so much more.

With no appetite or ability to chew food properly, the only thing we knew to do was to start her on a raw juice diet to help boost her immune system. It provided mild assistance, at least she was getting some nutrients into her body.

Enjoying the best of raw whole foods!

Luckily, through a friend, we learned of the Sang Hwang mushroom, and it’s use for centuries in Asian medicines. We visited the Amazing Grace biotech facility in Bangkok to learn more, and after meeting the team of scientists and the Founder, Dr. Chan, started Mum immediately on a 1 year immune-therapy program designed for post-Cancer and chemotheraphy recovery. It was an intense course of supplements every 2 hours. It required diligent commitment and care.

The healing she exerpienced astonished us all, and most of all, Mum herself. She experienced an almost immediate boost in her energy levels, her saliva reproduction, her aching joints, no more nausea, she could go to the toilet again. Over the next few months, these improvements continued, and now three years on her quality of life is excellent, with energy levels rivaling her 20-year old self, shining skin, and her original, beaming smile. We take her for blood tests every 2-3 months to check for tumour markers and other indicators of health like blood profile, lipid profile, and organ function.

Every healing journey is different, each illness and body condition unique. But being proactive and open-minded about health and healing was crucial to Mum’s journey. Being in the driver’s seat of your own diagnosis, not just the passenger taking in information. Mum manages her mental balance through meditation and yoga, and her physical balance through clean living and continuing her treatment of Sang Hwang mushrooms.

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