The Mushroom of Immortality.

    Nature is our inspiration. Known for thousands of years across ancient healing traditions, Sang Hwang mushrooms, also called Phillinus Linteus, have natural properties making it unmatched as a natural support for human immunity. With over 20 years of modern research methods and testing, scientists have identified the 2 key species of Sang Hwang mushroom (Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius) with the most highly desired medicinal properties, and they are used across each and every one of the Amazing Grace product range. Sang Hwang is nature’s greatest gift for supporting your overall health.

  • Chemoprevention

    Is your body weakened by on-going chemotherapy treatments?


    Struggling with constant aches and pains from older age?

    Auto-Immune Challenges

    Suffering from diabetes type 1, alzheimers or other auto-immune diseases?

    Chronic Degenerative Diseases

    Battling with ALS, Parkinsons or other chronic degenerative diseases?

  • Mum's Story

    How Sang Hwang Restored Our Mum's Quality of Life Post Chemotherapy

    Our Mum was diagnosed in May 2014 with stage 2 Nasopharyngeal Cancer, a type of head and neck cancer.


    Mum, the pinnacle of health; never drank, smoked, only ever took the drug of life, exercised, lit up any room she walked into, and was the rock of our household.


    She moved quickly to start chemotherapy and radio therapy and over 3 months, finished 6 rounds of chemo, and 33 rounds of RT.

    Chemotheraphy and RT Decimated Her Immune System

    Nothing was helping to accelerate the healing.

    Post treatment, she was a shadow of her former self. Skin and bone, constantly tired, achy, nauseous, no saliva production, brittle teeth, constantly bleeding gums, headaches and constipation. Yes, the tumor had shrunk, but in the process, the scattergun of chemotheraphy had decimated so much more.


    With no appetite or ability to chew food properly, the only thing we knew to do was to start her on a raw juice diet to help boost her immune system. It provided mild assistance, at least she was getting some nutrients into her body.


    A Visit to the Amazing Grace Facilities Kickstarted the Treatment

    Intensive immune restoration treatment began.

    Luckily, through a friend, we learned of the Sang Hwang mushroom, and it’s use for centuries in Asian medicines. We visited the Amazing Grace biotech facility in Bangkok to learn more, and immediately started Mum immediately on a 1 year immune-therapy program designed for post-Cancer and chemotherapy rebalancing. It was an intense course of supplements every 2 hours. It required diligent commitment and care.

    Sang Hwang Treatment Provided Immediate Rebalancing

    A small tagline

    The healing she experienced astonished us all, and most of all, Mum herself. She experienced an almost immediate boost in her energy levels, her saliva reproduction, her aching joints, no more nausea, she could go to the toilet again. Over the next few months, these improvements continued, and now three years on, she remains cancer free, with energy levels rivaling her 20-year old self, shining skin, and her original, beaming smile.

    Sang Hwang was the catalyst for her new quality of life.

    Be proactive in your healing journey

    Every healing journey is different, each illness and body condition unique. But being proactive and open-minded about health and healing was crucial to Mum’s journey. Being in the driver’s seat of your own diagnosis, not just the passenger taking in information. Mum manages her mental balance through meditation and yoga, and her physical balance through clean living and continuing her treatment of Sang Hwang mushrooms.


    One source for your improved quality of life.


    Produced and harvested under protected conditions.


    Stringent laboratory testing across every batch.


    Super compounds naturally found within each batch.


    Over 20 years of research, clinical trials and case studies from patients like you.


    • Phellinus spp. a genus of fungi belonging to Hymenochaetaceae.
    • Known as Sang-Hwang (桑黃), Meshima
    • Grows on mulberry and willow trees.
    • Medicinal value with growth period: 30-40 years.
    • Use: East Asia especially Korea, China, Japan, Thailand.
    Recorded in Traditional Chinese medicine:
    “Cold nature, slight bitter taste – beneficial to all major organs. Treatment of blood-related diseases, diseases of the digestive system and with detoxification capability”

  • SAFE

    Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius extracts have been shown repeatedly with modern research and clinical usage to be safe for human consumption in high dosages.

  • Effective

    Key components inside Sang Hwang mushroom can play an important role in balancing innate and adaptive immunity, the first line of defense against stealth microbes and chronic disease.


    Significant scientific articles support the immune importance of Sang Hwang due to the observed biological activities from in vitro and in vivo studies:

    • Antioxidant
    • Antimicrobial
    • Immune modulation
    • Anti-allergic 
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Antibacterial
    • Hepato-protective
    • Anticancer


    Amazing Grace labs have spent over 15 years focusing on consistency, quality control, and rigor checks during manufacturing; every batch of capsules and liquid tonic to external labs for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis to check for heavy metals, bacteria and other contaminants.


    Amazing Grace is committed to international research to test the efficacy of their Phellinus products and the long term advances in immune health.




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  • Who are we?

    We are Immunity Matters SG, the Singapore-based distribution arm for Amazing Grace International, a health and wellness company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.


    When our own family journey sent us on a global investigation into various immune therapy treatments in early 2014, it was through word of mouth that we luckily discovered the Amazing Grace team and their powerful range of immunity-boosting products. We witnessed first-hand, our Mum, who had undergone chemotherapy and radio theraphy for her stage 2 nasal pharalynx cancer, respond in leaps and bounds to the Sang Hwang immune-therapy treatment. It is now our mission and vision to proactively help others learn about the different solutions at Amazing Grace for immune health.



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